High heels aren't glamorous,

High heels aren't glamorous, they are physically harmful and requiring women to wear them is ill Bravo, Nicole Thorp. The actress and part-time temperature employee has actually made a stand for women everywhere when she declined her temperature firm s demand that she wears heels to a job at PwC as a receptionist to abide by its female grooming policy. Having actually turned up in completely appropriate black flats, she was sent home without spend for having not bent her feet in the brutal development that is the high-heeled shoe. [...]

Reimagined Kaleidoscopes: The Art and Fashion

Michelle Gagliano and Kari Bare have actually teamed up on bringing Gagliano's art to the style world Bare transforms the art onto material and makes clothing from them. At 3:00 pm, on May 15th, at Victory Hall in Scottsville, Virginia, they will present a style program called Reimagined Kaleidoscopes, highlighting these brand-new partnerships. You can find further information about guilty soles @ www.guiltysoles.com . [...]

New Fashion Films for Your Must-Watch List

On Monday, May 2, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host another version of the MET Gala the star-studded precursor advantage for the museum's yearly Costume Institute exhibition. In the fashion world, the first Monday in May is known as the most significant day of the year, or its Super Bowl Sunday as lots of call it. This year, the exhibit, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology will focus on the dichotomy between handmade haute couture and machine-made fashion. [...]